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We believe that better food comes from a healthy planet. We are committed to doing our part to secure a brighter future through clean air and water, and a safe and nutritious food supply. Our scale gives us the ability to operate efficiently, optimizing our distribution network to travel fewer miles and use fewer natural resources.

  • Solar Panels
  • Climate Action

    A healthy planet for future generations

    Reducing our contributions to climate change and increasing the resilience of the food supply chain through operational excellence, sustainable transportation, green building design and investments in clean energy.

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    Visit UNFI Climate Action Hub

  • Person dumping vegetables in compost
  • Waste Reduction

    Responsible consumption and production

    Eliminating waste in our operations through reuse and recycling programs. Using the EPA Food Recovery Hierarchy to prioritize both source reduction and donations to food banks. Evaluating the sustainability of packaging used in our private brands, operations and value chain, with a focus on continuous improvement in materials reduction, recycled content, and end of life.

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