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  • We’re on a mission to make the world a better place not just for one — but for all.



  • Our 2020 ESG Report

    We need a future that’s better for our associates. Better for our communities. Better for our world. Download the UNFI 2020 Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Report to see how we’re making it happen.

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Our Priorities


2020 Highlights


Better For Our World

Joined the Climate Collaborative, solidifying our commitment to help reverse climate change through food waste reduction, energy efficiency and transportation

Began piloting our first all-electric solar powered refrigerated trailer in California

Formed a team to tackle food waste in our distribution center operations

Joined the U.S. Food Loss & Waste 2030 Champions

Achieved 7% year-over-year improvement in food waste diverted from landfill

Improved CDP Climate Change score to an A- through enhanced disclosures and actions to cut emissions, mitigate climate risks and further the low-carbon economy

  • Social

  • Better For Our Communities

    Delivered 23 million pounds of donated food, equivalent to roughly 19 million meals

    Donated $1 million to key nonprofits to address food insecurity worsened by COVID-19 pandemic

    Awarded $1 million to 93 nonprofits promoting food justice and access to better food through the UNFI Foundation

    Sourced $264 million (2.5%) of annual spend from diverse suppliers

  • Better For Our People

    Adopted robust, enhanced safety measures to protect our frontline associates during COVID-19 pandemic

    Announced new Paid Parental Leave benefit, offering eligible associates 4 weeks to bond with a new child

    Pledged CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion


Recent updates to charters and policies to enhance governance processes, including Code of Conduct, Recoupment Policy and Stock Ownership Guidelines

Enhanced business continuity and crisis management team, with focused meetings and review of COVID risk and response

Strong commitment to Board diversity

Completed a materiality assessment, engaging key internal and external stakeholders to prioritize ESG issues and inform our strategy

Created an executive steering committee to oversee and provide executive sponsorship for ESG strategy, goals and initiatives

Recruited senior leaders to oversee important ESG topics, including Diversity & Inclusion, Safety and Wellbeing

Better for All NEWS


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