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Food Access

  • Millions of families in the U.S. and Canada struggle to meet their basic needs for sufficient, affordable and nutritious food. We feel an enormous responsibility to be a leader in solving this challenge. Through both our core business activities and our philanthropic efforts, we are working every day to democratize access to better food.

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We believe food justice is a fundamental human right. Everyone deserves access to fresh, affordable, nutritious and delicious food.



    Our Approach

    We are working to provide access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food for people in low-income communities and vulnerable situations.


  • Increase Access

    Making “better for you” foods more accessible and affordable. In 2020, we launched an effort to introduce more natural and organic items in conventional stores, often in rural and low-income communities.

  • Philanthropy

    We regularly donate product, time and financial resources to aid in the fight against hunger. In 2020, we donated more than 23 million pounds of food and other essential items to Feeding America® partner food banks.

  • Eliminate Food Waste

    We aim to reduce food waste in our distribution center operations 50% by the 2025. In 2020, UNFI joined the U.S. Food Loss and Waste 2030 Champions.

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In 2020, we donated more than $1 million to address food insecurity worsened by COVID-19 pandemic, particularly for seniors and families with children.

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  • The UNFI Foundation is on a mission to build better food systems and nurture everyday health in our communities.
Our Priorities

Sustainable food production Access to fresh, healthy food Hunger relief for vulnerable people Childhood nutrition education
Building healthy soil and supporting transition to sustainable growing practices Promoting food security, reduced inequalities and empowerment through food Providing fresh, quality, nutritious food for those most vulnerable Growing brighter futures through hands-on learning in the classroom and the garden
In 2020, the UNFI Foundation awarded over $1 million in grants to 93 nonprofits across the U.S. promoting food security, justice and empowerment.

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Goals & Commitments


  • Increase access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food for people in low-income communities and vulnerable situations
  • Donate 250 million pounds of food, equivalent to approximately 208 million meals by 2030
  • Promote soil health through regenerative and organic practices on 1 million acres through UNFI Foundation grantmaking by 2030